DERIVE was born in 2016 in the megacity of Tokyo.

Cody Ellingham was working as a designer and art director at an agency in Tokyo.
Working late at night, he would often find himself wandering home after dark. One day he began to take his camera with him and it was here where he discovered the beauty of the city at night, he called this DERIVE.

From neon-soaked streets and illuminated skyscrapers to quiet backstreets, the vibrant and surreal worlds captured by DERIVE are stunning and immersive and explore the history and layers of the city as it has never been seen before.

DERIVE has gone on to explore many of the world’s cities from Hong Kong to Shanghai, and has been featured by The Guardian, Wired, and others.

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Tokyo Light City

Photographing Exploring the Vibrant Neon Streets of the World’s First Cyberpunk City, Tokyo.


Tokyo Silent City

Quiet Moments Wandering the Backstreerts & Alleys of Tokyo Looking for the City’s Story.



Exploring The City as Cinema