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Danchi Dreams: The Slow Decay of Japan's Modernist Dreams.The country’s postwar housing complexes were intended to represent a bold new era. Cody Ellingham’s eerie photographs emphasize their fading might.

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Danchi Dreams: A Tour Of Tokyo’s Ghostly, Post-War Housing Blocks Japan’s danchi, or public housing, is the star of this haunting series by photographer Cody Ellingham.

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The Guardian

DERIVE: Architectural photographer Cody Ellingham takes to the streets of Tokyo and Shanghai to reveal secrets old and new.

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Danchi Dreams: Magnificent Night Pictures of Forgotten Buildings - Cody Ellingham is a talented New Zealand art director and photographer based in Tokyo.

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Pen Magazine International

1964: Photographer Cody Ellingham Explores the Architecture of the First Tokyo Olympics.

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Mertopolis Magazine

Future Cities: Following on from the success of his recent photography project that explored the past, present and future of Tokyo’s danchi (public housing), Cody Ellingham has returned to the roots of what spawned the series: “deriving”.

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Speaking events / Shows

Future Cities by DERIVE in Taipei - April, 2019

Future Cities Taipei .jpg

Future Cities by DERIVE First Event in Tokyo - Dec 2018

Onaeba Friday Fes!! in Osaka 「想像の枠を超えて話題を生み出すプロジェクトとは?」- Sep 2018

DANCHI DREAMS First Exhibition in Tokyo - May 2018


Pecha Kucha Night in Tokyo - 2018 / 2017

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