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Cody Ellingham photographs the world's cities and wanders their streets and architecture under neon nights.


Negli scatti incredibili di Cody Ellingham le luci al neon risaltano le ombre fisiche (e metafisiche) della metropoli thailandese.

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SONY New Zealand

“We’ve heard great reviews of the other versions of Future Cities and can’t wait to see the Wellington edition later this month. We admire his work and believe the Sony products will help take the experience to the next level.” comments Sam Duncan, General Manager, Sony New Zealand.



Shanghai Streets: Cody Ellingham is photographing the disappearance of the city’s “lane houses” amid Shanghai’s rapidly evolving architectural landscape.

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The Last of Shanghai's Historic Shikumen Houses, in Photos: Built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, shikumen houses are barely holding on in the modern megacity.
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Danchi Dreams
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Danchi Dreams: Magnificent Night Pictures of Forgotten Buildings - Cody Ellingham is a talented New Zealand art director and photographer based in Tokyo.

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The Guardian

DERIVE: Architectural photographer Cody Ellingham takes to the streets of Tokyo and Shanghai to reveal secrets old and new.

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Mertopolis Magazine

Future Cities: Following on from the success of his recent photography project that explored the past, present and future of Tokyo’s danchi (public housing), Cody Ellingham has returned to the roots of what spawned the series: “deriving”.

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Pen Magazine International

1964: Photographer Cody Ellingham Explores the Architecture of the First Tokyo Olympics.

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Bangkok Phosphors: During the auspicious july heat of the buddhist holiday ‘asalha puja’, New Zealand photographer cody Ellingham landed in Bangkok on a journey to uncover the hidden nocturnal side of the Thai capital. Read More ▸

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Speaking events / Shows

Guest Lecture for KMIT University, Bangkok, Thailand - September 2019

Tokyo Camera Club Exhibition 2019 Talk Event ‘Power of wander’ Presented by Sony Marketing Japan - July 2019


Guest Lecture for SUPA - Students of Urban Planning and Architecture at Auckland University - June 2019

Guest Lecture at Victoria University of Wellington - June 2019


Appearance on the radio show: Radio New Zealand National ‘Standing Room Only with Lynn Freeman’ - June 2019
Appearance on the radio show: Taiwan Talk ICRT - April 2019
Future Cities Taipei - April 2019

Future Cities Taipei .jpg

Future Cities Tokyo - Dec 2018

Onaeba Friday Fes!! in Osaka 「想像の枠を超えて話題を生み出すプロジェクトとは?」- Sep 2018

DANCHI DREAMS First Exhibition in Tokyo - May 2018


Pecha Kucha Night in Tokyo - 2018 / 2017

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