The rain of a thunderstorm sweeping in over the red-soaked LED glow of Shanghai’s old town, the grains of sand running through my hands in the deserted beaches of Porangahau overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the sound of wild deer roaring at the starlit night in the floating world of Nagasaki… 

The eternal dilemma of the artist is to be able to not only encode these ideas, but for the audience to be able to relate to them. Many artists spend their lives in esoteric machinations, drawing circles and lines of meaning that forms a complete truth for only one person.

I want to take you there.


Wandering around the sleepy city of Wellington with a friend recently I realised that it is to share these wandering experiences which drives me. 

Looking out from our perch we saw the Art Deco form of the Hotel St. George, where in 1964 The Beatles stood before a crowd of thousands who had gathered in the streets.

Now we looked down upon those same streets.

Whether in a future mega city, or a quaint town in those southern islands, the act of going out into that sweet night and seeing dreams in their raw reality is what I seek.


In just a few day I will be heading away for a month-long pilgrimage, starting in Taiwan, and ending in Shanghai. In Taiwan I will rendezvous with the other creative human beings of DERIVE where we will stay in a workshop / apartment in central Taipei. For three weeks we will live and breath the city, scanning it, wandering it, understanding it, to produce a vision of a half-forgotten dream for our second Future Cities installation.

When we create these worlds of light and sound, it is not simply seen, but it is felt. As we go further along this journey I want to take you there, to share the experience of new worlds and dreams.


Thank you,



Music - DERIVE Akan by SJF