Over a period 6 weeks the DERIVE team created the art direction and concept for the first FUTURE CITIES event, held at ARTnSHELTER in Tokyo.

Photographer Cody Ellingham, 3D Creator Ruben Fro, and sound artist SJF came together for their first collaboration to develop FUTURE CITIES by DERIVE, a ground-breaking interactive experience that uses the power of real-time 3D photogrammetry to create an immersive dreamscape metropolis.

The 3 creators launched the project in December 2018 for a limited 2-day show in Tokyo’s Shinagawa District. “Our goal was to create a shared interactive experience where people could explore dreams of the future. We were blown away when we had hundreds of people come to the installation over a single weekend and the reaction has been incredible.”

The title of the exhibition ‘Future Cities’ alludes to imagining the future, but the team said “We did not want to simply guess at what a generic sci-fi future might look like, instead we wondered what would someone from the future be dreaming of? Memories of a distant past: Our present day, combined with their own future.” By using a special photogrammetry process the DERIVE team was able to create the fragmented memories of the city into an interactive experience, with real-time interaction and soundscapes that let you travel through these ‘memories of the future’.

The first Future Cities event was a success and the DERIVE team have big plans for growing it globally in 2019.

Future Cities by DERIVE #1 was produced in collaboration with ARTnSHELTER, Guerrilla Group, and MADV 360 Cameras.