Cody Ellingham


DERIVE was created by Cody Ellingham in 2016.

Cody Ellingham is a photographer and nightcrawler. His passion for exploration started in New Zealand where he grew up roaming the mountains and countryside of his hometown, but it was in the cyberpunk megacity of Tokyo where his art first found form.

Cody has worked as a commercial art director and photographer for a range of projects from Tokyo to Shanghai over the last four years.

DERIVE is the name of the wandering discovery process that Cody uses to see the world. At the core of his work is a fascination with the architecture and story of places: past and present.

Cody has created a prolific body of work in his emerging career. His first photobook, DANCHI DREAMS, was successfully crowd-funded and published in 2018 to a global audience.

Cody’s work has been featured by CityLab by the Atlantic, The Guardian, and Fubiz, amongst others.

Work with Cody Ellingham

— Cody is available for art direction and commissioned projects —

Cody has art directed and designed a range of photographic and creative projects with high aesthetic and brand value. He is currently based between Tokyo, Shanghai and NZ.

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 Photographer Cody Ellingham

Photographer Cody Ellingham