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Hello, Wanderer 雷暝爻梍仃

Tonight our journey begins in

On the edge of a rooftop, overlooking the old architecture of yesteryear,
DERIVE peers through time and place at the impossible glass and steel
rising up through the red mist of a belligerent summer thunderstorm.

Cody Ellingham’s process of wandering, which he calls DERIVE,
helps him to discover the true nature of a place.
“I came here to capture this machine, this City.
The only way to do that is to walk its streets alone.
People focus on the new, or the old, but rarely both."

"A place is not just as it is, but the result of everything that has come before."

DERIVE is an ongoing digital and multimedia project that has been exhibited
and featured in publications globally.


CityLab, Fubiz, Fast Company, Neocha, Abduzeedo,
Archinect, Spoon & Tamago, Metropolis Magazine Japan

DERIVE Wanderer short film

wander diary



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