by Cody Ellingham Photographer & Art Director in Tokyo
wanderer. 雷暝爻梍仃

Tonight our journey begins in TOKYO.

A forest of powerlines hang over an ancient shrine, 
The silent skyscrapers look down over the land.
 A light rain is falling.

To DERIVE is to drift through the world,
 to see it with new eyes.

Light City
Silent City

A commission project by Cody Ellingham in collaboration with Black Falcon for Akan National Park.

Akan is located in the farthest reaches of Hokkaido in the North of Japan. The photo series explores the nature of the lakes and mountains of the area. Though the subject matter is different from his previous work, Cody sees a deep connection between his home country, New Zealand, and Akan.


Towering beings of steel and glass


Cody Ellingham is an award-winning photographer and art director based in Tokyo, Japan.

Cody grew up in a small town in the North Island of New Zealand.

His photography has a deep nostalgia for places locked in time. The aging skyscrapers of the city and the Arcadian forests of the mountain are both alike in that they are only a fragment of a myth that never was.

He has previously worked at a leading creative agency as founded his own studio CBJE in 2015.


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Cody Ellinghamは受賞経験多数の写真家、アートディレクター。 現在は東京を拠点に活動している。 ニュージーランド北島の小さな町で育った彼の作品は、 失われた場所や時間への郷愁、深いノスタルジアを基に作られている。 老朽化しつつある超高層ビル群、また牧歌的な自然の風景は、 どちらも失われた神話の一片を感じさせる。



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Tokyo Art Director

Available for freelance projects and consulting. 
Art Direction / Creative Direction / Photography. 

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Superhot JP / Art Direction and Branding View project Art Direction and design of official campaign site for Japanese launch of SuperhotJP, a revolutionary shooter game where time moves only when you move.​​​​​​​
Charles In Charge – UNPRECEDENTED / Photography View project 
              Music video cinematography and album cover photography for Charles in Charge's latest album UN·PREC·E·DENT·ED
Airi Okamoto / Photography and direction View project Airi Okamoto
Tokyo Creator Series / Video and Creative Direction View project Branding and development for Tokyo Creator Series, a YouTube video series featuring established and upcoming artists, musicians, and makers in Tokyo.